Episode 2: Ethical Shopping for Everyday People with Megan Bahns from Consume with Love

Megan Bahns photo.jpg


This first interview episode of the podcast features Megan Bahns, one of the co-founders of Consume with Love, an online marketplace for sustainable, fair trade, cruelty-free clothing and accessories.  A great "Ethical Shopping 101" conversation, this episode explores ways to be a more conscious consumer - even on a budget.

Let's be honest - the struggle to be a more ethical shopper is real. Whether its because the fair trade clothes you find just aren't so cute, the sustainably made bag you're eyeing is just too pricey, or because you're not even sure what "ethical shopping" actually means - its not easy to vote with your dollar. Megan and her twin sister Michele founded Consume with Love as a way to address these challenges and make ethical shopping more accessible for all of us. By finding fashionable clothes and accessories, made by a variety of artisan groups, women entrepreneurs, and suppliers focused on core values such as sustainability and cruelty-free products, Consume with Love is an answer to a problem many socially minded people have: how to make sustainable shopping accessible, affordable, and efficient for the everyday person who wants to vote with her dollar without spending excess time and money to do so.

Megan also provides some great resource recommendations for those looking to learn more about ethical shopping - and TheBroke Girl's Guide to Giving is adding a few endorsements of our own on places forBroke Girls to shop more consciously. Check out the links below if you're looking to learn more - or looking for some great products to buy:

https://www.consumewithlove.com/ (duh)
https://truecostmovie.com/ (now on Netflix!)
http://www.peopletree.co.uk/ (UK girls are just so cool)
http://31bits.com/ (always one of my faves)
https://sojustshop.com/ (newest obsession)
http://www.dassieartisan.com/ (if I ever live in a place with a decent sized kitchen - or learn to cook - this is where you'll find me)