Episode 9: Putting a New Spin on Philanthropy: A Conversation with Shared Nation Founder Joe McCannon

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The idea behind Shared Nation is this: a huge group of people, pooling their money and deciding together how its used, can make a major impact on a global problem.  They ask the question "IF MILLIONS OF US COMBINE OUR MONEY AND OUR TIME, WHAT KIND OF IMPACT COULD WE MAKE?"  and go from there. And their goal is to grow into an online community of global citizens donating next-level sized funding towards causes they collectively decide on, in order to create change in a more equitable and efficient way than its ever been done before. Its a bold mission developed by a bold team who firmly believe that when given the right tools and access, there is no limit to the positive change that can be made on a global scale.

Each of Shared Nation's tournaments aim to address a global problem - something which is impacting people no matter where they live. The current tournament (which just started THIS WEEK so get on it!) is for Women's Rights and Gender Justice - with over 50 organizations vying to win funding, all donated by everyday citizens who want to help out, and also want a voice in just how that's done. With a minimum donation of $3.00, and an online platform as well as an easy-to-use app, Shared Nation is accessible to nearly anyone looking to make a difference in addressing global challenges.

Check out the links below for more info and to get involved in this round of voting!: