Episode 7: Paying it Forward: A Conversation with Nancie Rothman of Hearts for Emma



Nancie Rothman didn't ask to be an advocate or a non-profit founder; the duties came to her as a means of paying it forward after her youngest daughter Emma went into sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 12 and received a life saving heart transplant 17 hours later. Overwhelmed and inspired by the community that rallied around her family during their ordeal, and awakened to the lack of information the typical person has regarding organ donation, the Rothman's founded Hearts for Emma a dual-purposed organization, focusing on caring for families dealing with a medical crisis, as well as on organ and tissue donation awareness and advocacy. 

Hearts for Emma focuses on providing niche needs for families with kids in hospitals (think: meals, parking passes, blankets, room decorations, journals, face wash....allthe stuff you need that just gets pushed to the side when you're in the hospital caring for a sick kid). Additionally, they've partnered with the New Jersey Sharing Network to develop curriculum and supporting materials such as videos and brochures educating people - especially students - about what it means to be an organ donor, and why the need is so important.

Hearts for Emma is a fantastic example of how one family can make an impact, of how a $20 donation actually does help, and of how we all have the ability within us to get through some of life's most unthinkable challenges - and ultimately pay it forward.

Check out the links below (all stuff we chatted about in the episode!) for more info: