Episode 6: Real Talk About Giving Back with Gail Anderson of Giving Back with Gail


Gail Anderson is a powerhouse of positivity who turned her love of volunteering andgiving back into her life's work.  In this episode we dive into Gail's motivation, mantras, and the movement she's building one small action at a time.

Gail is one of those people who you just can't ignore; her attitude and energy is infectious, and she's taking her desire to contribute to a whole new level by creatingGiving Back with Gail. What started as an Instagram account of daily positivity has grown into an online community of people who not only want to see change in theworld - but want to be a part of making it happen. Giving Back with Gail is part inspiration, part motivation, and part action, as Gail offers herself not only as an example of how to fit giving back into a busy girl's life, but also as a resource for people looking to get started in giving more - and just aren't sure where to begin. 

Check out the links below (all stuff we chatted about in the episode!) for more info: