Episode 11: An Interview with Sloane Davidson, Founder of of Hello Neighbor, a Mentorship Program Supporting Refugees on Their Journey to Resettle in the U.S. 

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When Sloane Davidson realized there was a refugee family from Syria living down the street from her Pittsburgh, PA home she did what was just in her nature to do: she reached out. And after realizing others around her wanted to do the same for refugees new to their community, Sloane launched Hello Neighbor , a mentorship program connecting refugees and immigrants with dedicated neighbors able to provide guidance, support, and friendship to families working to rebuild their lives in the U.S.

Sloane's career has spanned sectors and geographies, with her varied experience all falling under the umbrella of living what she refers to as a "cause-filled life". Her knowledge and expertise in the areas of digital marketing, philanthropy, international development, and non-profits blend together under Hello Neighbor, which aims to  connect newly resettled refugee or immigrant families to neighbors - in an effort to bridge the divide that culture, language, and even our day-to-day habits can create (how many of us actually go say hello to our neighbors?).  Through an innovative mentorship model, Hello Neighbor aims to ease the process it takes to rebuild a life in a country that is not your own, and to develop connections and friendships among neighbors who may otherwise not have a chance to meet or support one another.

With a refreshing view on non-profit operations and an openness to sharing her own thoughts on everything from the current refugee crisis to letting the market decide what a good idea is in the non-profit world, Sloane provides listeners with a chance to learn what it's like to turn a spark of an idea into a truly impactful organization, and why every dollar really does count. 

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