Episode 10: Recommendations, Resources (and Real Housewives): A Solocast with Yours Truly

The Broke Girl's Guide to Giving Podcast Episode #10.png


Looking to learn a little more about international development, social issues, or how to be a donor on a budget? Its 2017: access to information isn't the issue, but knowing where to begin can be. So with that in mind, today's episode will give you some suggestions for jumping off points for you, dear listener, if you're looking to learn more, do more, or just want a few suggestions on some good ways to kill time during your commute. This solocast will give you recommendations for books to read on a wide variety of topics in the international development/social issues space, as well as a few suggestions for podcasts which will provide you with insights on personal finance -the non-boring and non-scary kind (and what Broke Girl couldn't a bit of that?). If you're looking for a few new reads, want to educate yourself on some fascinating world events from recent decades, or are just curious about how a Broke Girl who Gives Back likes to unwind at the end of the day (hint: it involves Bravo TV) then this episode is for you.