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Empowering You (Yes You!) to Run for Office:  Introducing Empowered to Run 

Think about this: most of the 520,000 elected offices nationwide are not significantly contested. There are no shortage of opportunities to get involved in politics in America - so why don't more people do it? And what would it take to get more people engaged? These are the challenges Empowered to Run's online courses are out to address, by breaking down the process so that everyone can have access to our democracy. 

After working on a 2008 presidential campaign, Executive Director Steve Sinha realized how many people really do care about making change happen  - and then saw the opportunity slip away to actually get them engaged politically. Fast forward to today, and Steve's solution to address this problem: Empowered to Run. Empowered to Run is a start-up non-profit on a mission to bring democracy back to the people.  By developing online training and guidance on campaign techniques, policy, messaging, and governance, with a state & local focus, Empowered to Run is taking a seemingly overwhelming topic for most of us - running for office - and breaking it down into practical steps. Empowered to Run provides an opportunity for anyone, in any corner of the country, to learn the practical steps to take to engage in public office. 

After a successful pilot, Empowered to Run has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the next round of funding needed to develop their upcoming courses - and further their mission to empower thoughtful leaders everywhere to run for office successfully and govern effectively.

In this episode you'll hear about:

 - the vast opportunities there are to run for office in the US

 - the top reasons why people don't run even when they're motivated to do so

 - how Empowered to Run's courses work and what's included 

 - what it takes to get a non-profit started in DC

 - the most obscure (and important!) elected office out there

 - the many ways you can help Empowered to Run grow (including their crowdfunding campaign!), or get involved!

Empowered to Run's site: https://www.empoweredto.run

Crowdfunding campaign can be found here: et.run/give

Founding story video: et.run/foundingstory