Don’t call it a comeback….(instead, call it So You Think You Can Give)

It’s been a while, friends! My hibernation hasn’t been due to winter (which is officially my least favorite time of the year – even here in DC where winter is mild compared to my hometown….Godspeed, Boston!) – but instead, due to a combination of forces:

1)    Life stuff (holidays, winter workout challenges to help me beat the onset of winter blues….I’ll write about my 50 Day CorePower Yoga Sculpt challenge another day, but long story short – it helped!)

2)    Work stuff (my other work, that is – the one that pays the bills)

3)    And something else…..

….which I didn’t really pick up on until I had some down time post-holidays to think over this podcast, the direction it was moving in, and why I just wasn’t feeling it the way I was when it launched back in July, 2017. The reason, I realized, was both simple and complicated at the same time:

I didn’t like the name, The Broke Girl’s Guide to Giving.

Now let me be clear – I do LIKE the name on the surface – its fun, its engaging, it doesn’t take “giving” quite so seriously (because we all have enough serious – giving should be something we enjoy)….but its also limiting. The show isn’t just for “girls”. Its not just for people who are “broke”….and frankly, after doing a lot of money mindset work the past few months (again, another topic for another post) I’ve realized I don’t want to keep using the work “broke” or focusing on lack  - we all “lack” time and lack money of course, we all wish we had more of both, but we all also HAVE an abundance of time and money….it all comes down to how we choose to use it.

(Jumping down off the soapbox now….)

So instead – I crowdsourced (and by “crowdsourced” I mean “texted my sister who is brilliant and creative and puts me to shame”) and we came up with a new name for the show – one that is still engaging and fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, but which also opens up the opportunity to pull in listeners who may not consider themselves “broke girls” – which is how So You Think You Can Give came to be.

The mission of the podcast remains the same: the show aims to highlight social issues we're facing both at home and around the world, as seen through the eyes of the people working on the front lines to try to solve them – the women and men leading nonprofits and social enterprises. We’ll continue to feature amazing organizations, dig into the work they do, and spell out the various ways anyone – and I mean anyone – can get involved.

So whether you're interested in taking action, starting your own cause-focused organization, or just learning more about important social issues you keep hearing about out there – So You Think You Can Give is the podcast for you.

If you’ve already subscribed to the show don’t worry – the show will change in your feed with no need for you to take any steps. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to find us on iTunes and subscribe to get new episodes each week! You can also sign up for our mailing list for sneak peaks of each episodes and more info at And of course, check out the site to learn more.

The new season starts March 27th – looking forward to sharing it with you all!!